Free Play Casino Bonuses
April 28, 2018
Instead of offering a welcome bonus in cash to new players, some online casinos with paypal allow players to play for free for a limited time and let them keep the amount they have won. These are known as free play casino bonuses.
Free play casino bonuses function as follows. The player has to activate this bonus after he registers with the paypal casino and opens a real money account but before he makes any deposit. When the bonus is activated a miniature casino opens on the screen. The player is given a specified starting credit of chips. He has to make a specified number of wagers in a given time frame using the starting credit on any of the games offered in the paypal casino.
A timer starts as soon as the paypal casino opens and runs uninterrupted. It will continue while the player is switching games and will even continue if the player gets disconnected. If the player fails to complete the specified number of wagers before the paypal casino shuts down he will not be entitled to any of his winnings. If the player does complete the specified number of wagers before the time is up then it is up to him to decide if he wants to play more or not. Given the nature of the bonus the player should keep in mind certain factors. The most important thing is that he must play with a high speed connection to the Internet, preferably a broadband. If the connection is not fast then it could be difficult for him to complete the required number of wagers. He must do what he can to prevent disconnection, like checking that the wiring is secure and that there are no problems with the system. The player must stick to one game because in opening new games and toggling between them he will lose precious time.

The calculation of the bonus is done as follows. Assume that the starting credit was $500. Online casinos with paypal payments usually specify that the player should win at least $20 in order to be eligible for the bonus. Therefore an amount of $520 is to be deducted from the closing balance of the player. If the player’s closing balance is less than $520 then he does not get any bonus. If the player’s closing balance is greater than $520 then he gets the remaining amount after the online casino takes back $520. There is usually an upper limit on the bonus amount. If the difference between his winnings and $520 (in this example) is more than the specified upper limit of the bonus then the player will get the upper limit only.

Many paypal casinos offer a Second Chance Wheel with the free play bonus. This is applicable only for those players who have not won anything in the free play bonus. In the Second Chance Wheel players are first required to make a deposit. Then they spin the Second Chance Wheel. The amount of the bonus is the lower of their deposit and the amount indicated on the Second Chance Wheel.