The Popularity of Slot Machines
January 11, 2018

Slot machines were introduced in the casinos in the sixties and from there on the conquered the casino world. Nobody, no gambler whom plays at the slot machines cannot say exactly why they prefer those “robbers” instead of blackjack or roulette.

Many casinos use slot machines because of the fact, that they do not require as much space as the roulette table or the craps table, they can be place along the walls, but even so they bring much more money that the regularly and well known casino games. People whom play at the slot machines, chooses them because of man reasons, they can be played easily, using coins or tickets, they are colorful and they can be played individually. This is important, but also interesting, if we think about the fact that all those slot machine gamblers enter in casinos to play by themselves. They are in a big room, full of other people, but in the main time they are all b themselves, playing at the slot machines.

If we also analyze the fact that the slot machines are the most popular among the other casino games, we can say that many people whom like to be alone enter in casinos daily> this is a very interesting idea and it is also funny and ironic, because we tend to imagine that casinos have as regular customers noisy people, whom like to talk and socialize, but the facts show us that this is not true, instead of noisy customers, casinos are full of quiet, shy persons.

Slot machines are so popular because they do not require to be a professional or a popular person or player, they are so popular because they offer peace and fun and winnings in the “casino universe” of anybody.