WSOP $1,000 Tournament $5,130,000 Prizepool!
January 27, 2019

World Series of Poker $ 1,000 double stack, a new event this year, unlimited reentry for seven hours to day one flights. Let us pray we’re only in for one bullet, or else this could get real expensive. I don’t see how I could stop registering this tournament. It sounds like it’s gon na be a huge field, maybe 5,000 entrants a lot of money to win, and it’s our time to win it. Today, I’m gon na play a little a little more snug Bluffs aren’t as profitable as that used to be apparently so we’re gon na go for that value. Let’S make some hands and get paid with blinds at 25 50 under the gun plus two raises to 150.

It’S two calls. I call in small blind with nine eight spades and the big blind calls. The flop comes jack, 10 deuce, two spades check, big blind it bets four hundred out of flow original RAZR calls button calls, and I call I think there might be a case for a check raising here, but with such a wet flop, it’s gon na be even Harder to get folds and I’m probably not even gon na pull out bigger, Spade drawers, giving me bad, reverse and fly down on so I put in the call playing conservative tight is right. Turn is a five. I check big blind bets. Small six hundred original raiser calls in button calls at this point, there’s thirty, five hundred or so chips in the pot of about eight thousand behind I’m contemplating check-raise and I’m consoling a shove.

I think a shove has merit because I can fold out bigger flush draws and I don’t think anybody has two pair plus based on the action and, of course, the big blind sizing leading and then leading real small in the turn when it should be a pretty Scary board: he should want to price out those drawers with his fair applause hands, so my gut says to shove, but I take the safer route and just call with our big draw Rivers nonsuit King. I check big blind checks. Original RAZR bets 1700 button folds. I fold big wide puts in the call with king jack off original RAZR Rivard, the nuts with ace Queen, someone high inside I’m pretty sure the turn check show would have worked and we could have picked up a nice pot without showdown with nine high but run First break big field, great tournament at Oncasinogames Canada, great structure, about 7,000 ships, no more bullets, just one bullet: let’s bag up, put blinds at 5100 under the gun, plus one loose woman, limps, crazy aggro euro and a Where’s Waldo shirt makes it 325 off a 3k stack. I’M next to act with nine seven of Hearts – usually I’d probably fold this, but he’s just lost most of his chips, so he’s spewing on.

I call there’s two calls behind me in the limper calls. The clock comes nine, eight three with one heart action checks to the Waldo gyro he shoves 2750. I call everyone folds, but the limping woman and she puts in the call. That’S not good news – turns to three check check rivers. A four check check, lovely woman – has King 9 offsuit euro has Jack offsuit. 9 7 hurts no good.

We now have 5000 chips with blinds at 75 150, with the 25 anti action folds to the cutoff, the most aggressive player at the table, playing about 40 % of pots. He makes it 350. The small blind flat calls I’m in the big blind with 4,100 and pocket fours, definitely reasonable, flicking a call but considering the dynamic. I think I can get a fold a lot of the time or, if I’m called I’m racing against Ace King ace, queen type, and so I showed original RAZR is all in for 4200, and the small blind also calls for three ways. Original RAZR has pocket aces.

Small blind has ace king five comes jack, seven seven turns to ten, and the rivers are four that’s right triple up with blinds. At 75 150, with the 25 ante raised up Queen Jack of Diamonds to 350, a guy with 2700 three beds to 7020 725. Probably should fold here, but you know we can gamble, flicking a call. Flop comes 1085, with the 10 8 of diamonds, perfect flop, to stop and go get him to fold all of his Ace King ace, Queen ace, Jack type, hands, we’ve got 2,000 and he puts in the call he shows pocket aces. We got a lot of outs.

The turn is an ace actually giving us more outs, but the river is the deuce of clubs and we double him up. We now have just over 4,000 shooters with blinds at 100 200, I’m in the cutoff with ace-queen offsuit and make it 500 small blind calls in the big blind calls. The flop comes ace, nine, seven rainbow they check. I bet 800 small blind calls big blind, folds. Small blinds a 60 year old Caucasian male.

The turn is an off suit for a brick. He checks. I bet sixteen hundred. He asked to see my stack, which is about nine thousand chips, and he raises to four thousand what the hell is. He repping if he had a draw on the flop. I think he calls again who the hell check.

Two point. Five x check raises me with a hand that is worse than ace queen, my gut says on beat. It is a reentry event got to go with my gut, I put it in the fold. I asked him to show he does not show and we move on to the next hand, coming back from dinner break ten thousand shifts going to two hundred four hundred and fifty ante.

Don’T trust a German! Are you German dad? I saw you running over here. Oh yeah yeah, you were going like crazy, he said he’s coming by and okay, but he did he missed it.

We can mean yes with blinds. It was blinds at 200, 400 with a 50 antique secondhand back from dinner. Break holds this us in the cutoff.

At the ACE for offsuit probably should fold this, but the blinds are pretty straightforward and weak to raise it up to 900 off a 10k stack button. Folds small buying calls we’re heads up to a flop. The flop comes King 10 for all clubs. We have the ace of clubs a great flop for ace for off.

The small blind shows us no respect and leads out for 2,000 chips, good call, but with the nut flush draw in bottom pair, we want to maximize our fold equity and just get there. If he does call, he does call after a long tank and he has King Queen of Hearts. The turn is a three and the river is a deuce and we are out of the tournament.